For Better or Worse...

I am committed to this relationship for better or worse.

A lot of "better" has been happening lately. I've been given more freedom to do the things I enjoy and even take on a new thing or two. We seem to be living together more harmoniously than we have in a while, although we still have our tiffs. 

Some "worse" has been happening as well. I have become a bit upset over the insistence that I go to bed early on nights when I really want to stay up and chat or get things accomplished - and at the same time frustrated at being urged to wake up several times a night. 

It seems that my weekly dates with E seem to be injecting my life with new energy and new possibilities. Some say E is dangerous and have concerns about me adding this new relationship into the mix, but so far, I see only good things happening. E has added spice to my life that hasn't been there in quite some time. 

You see, Sporadic Artie (PsA, for short) and I have been on fairly good terms lately. Starting  nine weeks after introducing Enbrel into our relationship, I have joint mobility I haven't had in years and have a bit more energy than I've had in a while. Those two things combined have allowed me to join my younger kids in our homeschool co-op's folk dancing class on Fridays - something I couldn't have imagined doing just a few months ago. I've found a new balance of activity and rest, now having some days when it seems I can just keep going and going and others (usually a day or two before my date with E) when I just need a quiet day at home.

Continuing to listen to my body as I balance ability and energy with existing joint damage and pain seems to be the theme of the next leg of my journey with Sporadic Artie ... and his evil twin, AS, but that's a story for another day. 


  1. I am glad things are looking happier for you and your relationship! Great blog!


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