April Fool

Come on down! You're a contestant on this year's version of "Fool or No Fool?"  Half of the following statements are true. Half are false. Use your keen mind and complete chance to figure out which are which.  Guess all 10 right and you're a genius - or very lucky - or you really know me well. Guess 7-9 right and you're "cool ... nice!" as my favorite almost-2-year-old would say. Guess 4-6 right and I'll still be impressed. Guess 0-3 right and, you guessed it, you're an April Fool! Have fun - and please respond to this post with your guesses!

1. I have more than five tattoos.

2. I watch the news first thing in the morning and before bed every night so that I'm up-to-date on the happenings in the world.

3. I've been breastfeeding at least one of my children since the day my oldest child was born over 13 years ago.

4. I have never eaten a corn dog.

5. I despise reality shows.

6. I've never been arrested.

7. "Rannygahoots" is a term my husband's maternal grandfather used to describe his grandchildren.

8. I watch Star Trek every day.

9. I have taken up folk dancing.

10. I play an April Fool's prank on my kids every year and this year it's going to be epic!

True or false, I'll post a little about each of these on April 2 - if there are posts by contestants, that is!


  1. Ok, I'll take the bait.
    #2 is so false it's comical!
    #7 came from your side of the family.
    #10 I don't recall you ever talking about April's Fools jokes and with today being a busy Palm Sunday I doubt you would have time.

  2. 1. True: I have ten tattoos.
    2. False. I do not watch the news. Too depressing and stressful.
    3. True. At one point I was thinking I’d have to wean Alia to go on methotrexate, but didn’t end up going on methotrexate, so no weaning yet!
    4. True. I have never eaten a corndog.
    5. False. My guilty pleasure is reality shows. I try not to watch the ones I think are going to be particularly bad (and there aren’t enough hours in the day), but do find myself putting on a reality show of one sort or another while sipping coffee during naptime.
    6. False. I have been arrested. Way back in the day when I was both young and stupid … and mentally ill. Funny thing is, I had a rat – an actual live rat – in my pocket at the time.
    7. False. Rannygahoots, according to Pappy (my husband's maternal grandfather), are things you have to beware of when going out at night.
    8. True. I think it may be turning into a problem. Jim and I are working our way through DS9 at the moment, after having spent the past year or so watching TNG, then Voyager, then Enterprise.
    9. True. We attend Epoch Arts Homeschool Co-op on Fridays and I now participate in the Folk Dancing Class as the designated adult for the two four-year-olds in my care. It’s a lot of fun, even if my left hip doesn’t agree.
    10. False – but I wish!!!!


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