Not until you tell them both who I really am!

My 3-year-old’s reasons for not going to sleep:
  •           I need bandaids because I have a scratch.
  •           There’s a spider in the corner of the room and Coren is afraid of it.
  •           My heartbeat is too loud and it’s keeping me awake.
  •           Coren is sleeping too loudly.
  •           My hiccups are driving me to craziness.
  •           Coren is sleeping too quietly for me to sleep.
  •           I need to watch Grinch Night before I can sleep.
  •           My legs keep standing me up.
  •           When I close my eyes I see too much pink and it’s freaking me out.
  •           My belly tells me it needs me to bake cupcakes.
  •           I think I need this medicine for hiccups. (It’s not for hiccups.) For coughing? (It’s not for coughing.) For a headache? (No.) For my legs hurting? (No.) What is it for, then, because I think I have that?
  •           Daddy hasn’t scared the jeebers out of me yet.
  •           I need to tell Daddy about his pizza that we made for him.
  •           There’s something on the ceiling.
  •           I’m too tired to sleep.
  •     I'm worried I won't look frightening enough for myself tomorrow.
  •     I'm pretty sure Alia's don't sleep until much darker. (Said using "the voice.")
 So much on the mind of a slightly frightening 3 year old who doesn't want to sleep!


  1. Wow...I'm impressed. We do hear "the fan is making me hot" argument.... But I love the pink argument!! :)


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