Beware of the Rannygahoots!

"My heart pounded as I peered out into the darkness – there were two eyes staring at me. Two red eyes. No, four red eyes….five?... six!...eight!!! Eight red eyes glowing in the night, and they were getting closer..."

So begins a story about Rannygahoots that my children and I are writing in honor and remembrance of their great-grandfather, Pappy, who warned his grandchildren not to go out at night because the Rannygahoots would get them. 

Although not glowing red, I often wake to two...or four ... or occasionally eight eyes staring at me through the darkness, pleading with me to allow them, and the children they're attached to, into my bed. I've at times offered to give up the bed to the children (and my husband, who sleeps through just about anything) and go sleep in one of the kids' beds, but they tell me that's not the point. They're too smart for my own good, and for my hopes of sleeping without an elbow in my back and toes in my belly button. 

Some day I will sleep through the night. I may even go to the potty all by myself. (I bet you thought these things only pertained to infants and toddlers!) But for now, I'll enjoy the knees and elbows, the sleep interruptions and togetherness ... these are the best times of my life! 


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