A Large Absent-minded Spirit

Things I forgot today:
  •           To put dinner in the crockpot before I left this morning (Thank you, dear husband, for doing that for me)
  •           To put the HP7 Part1 dvd in my purse upon leaving the house this morning.
  •           To get coffee on the way to Homeschool Hangout so I could take my pain meds
  •           Three things at the grocery store, even though they were on my list … because I forgot that
  •           I had a list of things to get at the grocery store in my purse
  •           To put the HP7 dvd in my purse upon leaving the house to go to the CSA, where I would be handing it off to my parents (yes, that’s twice in one day I forgot the dvd – but I did go back to get it!)
  •          That dinner was in the crockpot – I almost made a different dinner (DamnItAll, Tramadol!)
  •           That my kids owe me money from our trip to the thrift store today … and from out trip to Target on Sunday, come to think of it!

       So all in all a good day. After all...
  •           I herded five kids in and out of the van in various parking lots and no one got run over
  •           I exited the grocery store and the thrift store with the same number of kids with which I entered
  •           I remembered to put everything that is supposed to go in the fridge and freezer into the appropriate places  so I don’t find any “surprises” in bags in my kitchen (or van!) later this week - not that this ever happens
  •           I’m still alive to type about it!

This blog post brought to you by semi-cooperative children, an absentminded Mama, and a fair amount of Tramadol.


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