Over two weeks of sick makes for a very cranky family. It's been a madhouse here lately. A mad house. People have been getting upset with other people for minor infractions and imagined hurts. This is a clear sign that we've been cooped up for too long. These children need to run free. They need space. They honestly need to get as far away from each other as possible.

And this Mama needs rest. 

Thank God for warm-ish weather and open windows and birds chirping. Thank God also for friends who call and ask if Mama would like to escape for a treat on a night Daddy is home to wrangle kids and for friends who call and ask if they can drop by so best friends can play and mamas can chat. And for kids old enough to stay home and take care of each other while Mama runs errands or attends worship. And for well-timed acupuncture and massage appointments for Mama.

There are benefits to a house full of sick kids. Mama got lots of snuggle time, did lots of reading to children, played games with children, and enjoyed forced downtime without feeling like she should be doing something constructive. She was reminded that all those things are incredibly constructive and are in fact not only important, but essential every day. 

But now, children, emerge from this madhouse and run free. And go get a dirty chai for your exhausted Mama, who be in bed trying to catch up on all those hours spent tending to children's nighttime needs instead of peacefully slumbering.


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