April Foolery

This April first was a three-prank day. 

Prank Three: It was a beautiful, sunny, warm Spring day, so I sent the kids outside to play. Zack came downstairs exclaiming that he couldn't find one of his shoes, while Alia was explaining to me that she had one croc and one Easter shoe, but couldn't find their matches. Alexander announced that apparently someone had taken one of each of his pair of shoes as well. They all turned to me. I pointed to the box where the matches to every pair of shoes my children own were hidden. There was much sighing and "Maamaaaaaa"ing. 

Prank Two: 
Zack: Daddy, there's a bee in the bathroom!
Daddy: Get me my spatulator (that's a whole other story!) and show me where. Did you close the bathroom door so the bee doesn't escape?
Zack: No...but it's still in there. 
Daddy, upon entering the bathroom and looking around for a bee: "Where is it?"
Zack: On the wall behind the door.
Daddy: *laughter*

Prank One: 
Daddy: Everyone come down for breakfast!
Children gather at the table.
Daddy: Mama made brownies and she said you can have them for breakfast. Go ahead!
*foil is removed from baking dish*

Brown Es for breakfast. Somehow the children weren't amused. 

The most fun was the paranoia of the children as they awaited the next prank and suspected aprilfoolery in everything that wasn't quite right while I relaxed in the living room with a body that was playing its own pranks. 


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