Mouth for Brains

My body is telling me that it isn’t capable of sleeping in this chair, so I talked to my body and told it that I AM going to sleep in this chair because bodies need to learn how to cooperate with their owners even though your body doesn’t cooperate with you no matter how much you talk to it. Is Daddy on his way home from work now? Isn’t it about time he gets himself home from work? Do you think Lizzie is holding Rowen and Rowen is nursing? Or is he fussing or sleeping or is Baba holding him? Do we have oranges?  Was that a hole puncher you were using this morning? What were you using it for? Why am I not sleeping? Am I too busy talking? Does my mouth have a mind of its own? If it did would its brain be in my tongue or my teeth? Or maybe a tendril came down from my brain and grew a second brain and it implanted in my cheek and is freaking my mouth out that’s why I can’t stop talking. Remember my penny from the other day? It was a nice penny, a forever penny, a lovely penny that doesn't wake up little girls like the fan. Can you turn off the fan? It keeps talking to me and waking me up. Like buses. Talking to me. Not waking me up. Buses don't wake me up. They do tell funny stories. Like my Moonbear. I wonder if Moonbear will visit me tonight. I'll have to be sleeping for that to happen. Maybe if I close my eyes my mouth will get the right idea. Goodnight, Mama."

"Goodnight, Alia."


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