A Walk with Grampy

Plink … plunk…clink…
Coins fall from the sky as we walk.
Running to pick them up, 
I glance over my shoulder at Grampy - 
Hands in pockets
Taking in the displays in the store windows.
Why doesn’t he notice the coins raining on us?
Dink … tink … Plink…
Picking up a dime and a nickel,
I quickly count the change in my hand
Hoping the “rain” will continue.
Hoping to have enough
For a small something
By the time we reach the toy store.
Whistle … Plink … tink…
Grampy’s grin wide
As we show him our bounty
His look confused when we ask
“where is it falling from?”
“The sky,
I would think!”
Clink … clink … plunk…
My sister runs ahead,
A quarter speeding toward the parking lot.
We’re almost there -
It’s just ahead!
Toys peer out the windows,
Inviting us in
To spend our newfound fortune.


  1. You did figure it out eventually ... but didn't let on to Grampy for fear the "rain" would stop. Thanks for sharing this. ... Mom


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