Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Walk with Grampy

Plink … plunk…clink…
Coins fall from the sky as we walk.
Running to pick them up, 
I glance over my shoulder at Grampy - 
Hands in pockets
Taking in the displays in the store windows.
Why doesn’t he notice the coins raining on us?
Dink … tink … Plink…
Picking up a dime and a nickel,
I quickly count the change in my hand
Hoping the “rain” will continue.
Hoping to have enough
For a small something
By the time we reach the toy store.
Whistle … Plink … tink…
Grampy’s grin wide
As we show him our bounty
His look confused when we ask
“where is it falling from?”
“The sky,
I would think!”
Clink … clink … plunk…
My sister runs ahead,
A quarter speeding toward the parking lot.
We’re almost there -
It’s just ahead!
Toys peer out the windows,
Inviting us in
To spend our newfound fortune.

1 comment:

  1. You did figure it out eventually ... but didn't let on to Grampy for fear the "rain" would stop. Thanks for sharing this. ... Mom