Forward movement. Progress. Whatever you want to call it, I'll take it.

After long weeks stuck in the quagmire of ill children and autoimmune disease-related misery, I've finally started moving forward. I've cleaned out cabinets and drawers, cleared shelves, and coordinated shopping lists and coupons saving my family lots of money. We've rearranged, reexamined, and prioritized. 

Even the smallest accomplishment seems momentous these days. It was a long Winter, which seeped its way into Spring and only now are things starting to feel as Springy as they should.

Open windows inspire cleaning and rearranging and letting go of accumulated comforts to make way for change. 

And change is coming. Soon we will get estimates on demolition and rebuilding of a rotten wall of our house, and hopefully soon afterwards, the process will be underway. Once that is done, and deck rebuilt, we transform the basement room into a haven for our younger teen, setting off the first domino in the Great Bedroom Switchapalooza. Teen younger moves to the basement room, preteen kicks eight and six out and across the hall to teen younger's old room, and half of preteen's room gets converted to the "kids' lounge." Teen older, not liking change, stays put in his room.

It feels as if I'm awakening to a new Spring in my life and all the opportunities it offers. Letting go of the clutter allows me to open up to the bounty life has to offer. Concentrating on the positive opens my heart to fully appreciate the plentiful blessings even the most bleak circumstance can offer. 

This is the year we Get Our House In Order. From the literal structure of our house to the atmosphere inside of it; from the health of our bodies to the health of our minds and our spirits; from finances to food choices to building a firm foundation of faith, I awaken to the possibilities that lay ahead. 


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