Admitting It Is The First Step

I readily admit that I have a problem. I'm addicted. It's that simple.

Some days I just can't help it. Most days. Ok, just about every day. 

Hour after hour - popping vicodin, yelling at people, making poor life choices. I just can't stop. 

I'm addicted.

I'm not totally to blame, though. Had Netflix not decided to add House, M.D. to their streaming video choices, I would not be addicted to watching the pill-popping doctor and his cohorts hour after hour every day. I watch House while doing dishes, while doing yoga, while checking email, while making dinner. Having a Kindle just makes things worse, as I can prop it in the kitchen cabinet or on my bed, or on the dryer. 

At least I'm getting stuff done while feeding my addiction. I guess it could be worse - I could be addicted to pain pills. 


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