Open Windows

I love open windows.

Fresh air wafting through open windows floods my house with energy that seems lacking throughout the coldest months.

Sounds of Summer filter through as well ... birds, chatty squirrels, crickets, and even frogs. The sound of children's laughter as they rejoice in fresh air fun instantly brings a smile to my face.  That one glance out the window is all I need to check on the children brings peace to my heart. 

Sunlight streaming through the window, my youngest dances with the "sun fairies" flying through the air as I shake out towels before folding them. Somehow folding laundry is more pleasant with a gentle breeze that hints of lilacs and freshly mowed grass aiding the process.

My house becomes roomier with the windows open. Open-window weather is play-outside weather. 

Somehow open windows, with the sounds, the scents, and the sights that accompany them, form a connection between the house-dwellers and the outside world, inviting the outside in and the inside out. 


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