This is...

Sitting around the dinner table telling stories of my childhood, laughing with my family. 

On my bed cuddled up with a pile of children reading books or watching movies. Most days, not all of the children are mine. 

Folding seven people's clothing, buying food for seven, cleaning up after seven, and sharing a bathroom with six. 

In a single day discussing puberty, sex, genetics, and death - all with a four year old child.

Decorating a wheelchair, painting a belly cast, and gathering bumper stickers for my new twelve-passenger (!!!)  van.

Researching things related to celiac, psoriatic arthritis, the anatomy of a blowfish, how to make marshmallows, mythology, and why you can't get just a tetanus vaccine all in one day.

Teaching and learning in coffee shops, a former warehouse, museums, the forest, at fairs, in the car ... while shopping, cooking, singing, dancing, playing ... from parents, kids, pastors, librarians, friends, family, strangers and animals. 

Supporting breastfeeding mothers, conscious living families, friends, and family members.

Worshiping, praying, and striving to live a godly life. 

Struggling with health, finding the silver linings, hoping to inspire others.

... my life!


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