Rockin' It Since '96

We were barely twenty-one years old.

What were we thinking?

We lived in the Waterbury apartment then, our first home together. I spent the week beforehand laying on my stomach on the black metal futon that made up the bulk of our living room furniture and watching tv all day having slipped on ice and injured my back. You took great care of me, leaving me a cooler of food and pitcher of water so I would need to move as little as possible while you were at work. I prayed every day I'd be able to walk by the time I needed to take those very important steps. 

We lived on a wing and a prayer back then. And we had such hopes - such dreams. Your plan was for two children, maybe. Mine was for five, at least. We didn't know what we wanted to be when we grew up. For the very grown-up thing we were getting ourselves into, we really had a lot of growing up to do. I feel blessed we got to learn and grow together. 

We were barely twenty-one years old. 

What were we thinking?

I'm not sure we were thinking - we were just living and loving and doing what felt right. For me, it was one of those God things. One of those things that just felt like it needed to happen, not because of some selfish want, but because it was supposed to happen. For all the overthinking and anxiety I did and had back then, this was one thing question and worry never touched - it was just too right. 

Watching the sunrise that day, I rejoiced in what the day held, what the day meant, and in the possibilities that lay ahead of us. I thanked God that we would be Walking Together back up the aisle and into forever together. 

And suddenly we were husband and wife. January 13, 1996. It seems a lifetime ago. 

Eighteen years later and I have a feeling we still have some growing up to do - at least I feel that way when we're cracking up watching How I Met Your Mother. I'm so glad I didn't have to spend years finding my The One. You were right there, in those crazy pants, right when I needed you. I feel so blessed, and am so grateful to be able to say that we've rockin' it since '96. Eighteen years. Always remember...


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