On the Brink

On the brink.

In the same thought celebrating and mourning life.
At the same moment feeling pure joy and utter sadness.
Feeling life full to bursting yet draining every ounce of energy.
Hunger to go out and do everything is equaled only by longing for endless rest.

On the brink.

The edge of love and hate; of full and empty; of ecstasy and insanity.
All there is is time; myriad possibilities; hours stretching out endlessly.
Motivation clashes with ambivalence; mental energy with physical malaise; want with will.

On the brink.

Trapped by cold, by uncooperative body, by a wall of to do tomorrows that never get done.
Imprisoned by shoulds and wants and coulds but lacking in cans and wills and doings.
Life passing; time taking its toll.

On the brink.

On one side, light and hope and progress.
On the other, darkness and despair and stagnation.
Balancing on the knife-edge, trying not to fall the wrong way.

On the brink.

Midwinter madness has set in.

Lean toward the God-reflection in the faces of loved ones.
Keep the darkness at bay in their Light.
Feel Joy reaching out from the other side of Winter - 
Cloaked in sunlit warmth and technicolor.

We reach over the edge together,
Touching leaves and flowers, sun and sand
With imaginations and memories.

On the brink no more. 

Feet firmly planted in the clouds,
Jackman green and Ossipee blue
will carry us together through Wintery doldrums 
until the return of warmth and lively green.


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