Behind on LIfe

It seems like every time I get to the point where I feel like I'm caught up on life, I take a day off and fall a month behind. I still haven't figured out the math on that yet, but I swear that's how it adds up. 

This week I'm trying to plan a homeschool co-op class, a breastfeeding support meeting, pack for a long weekend at Camp Calumet, take care of my kids, take care of other people's kids, get my regular daily stuff done, and participate in our regular activities. The problem is, I keep forgetting basic things like doing the dishes or making sure the kids are changing their clothing on a daily basis. 

You'd think this last one shouldn't be so much of a problem, but I have two kids with Aspergers who would very much prefer to stay in the clothes they have on and avoid water and soap, thank you very much. My non-Aspie teenager, when asked today whether or not he showered, had to look down at his clothing to determine if he was bathed or not, because apparently things like taking a shower don't register in teenage minds. Upon inspecting his clothing, he discovered that he, indeed, hadn't changed since Sunday. As I write this, it's Tuesday. Apparently somehow he missed Monday. The girls aren't much better - they either wear three outfits in one day or don't change their clothes for three days. 

And then there's the thing where, when I have a million important things to do, I get totally distracted by something completely not very important and go off on a tangent, which leads to not knowing what the heck I was doing or talking about in the first place and a lot of regrouping and panic and taking forever to get back on track. Take this blog post for example. I have no idea what I was originally talking about. 

Ah - yes, behind on life. Just when I think I'm caught up, I'm not. Is it due to my foggy autoimmune brain or is it just life? I suppose if I want to get caught up, I should stop typing blog posts and tick a few things off my too very long to do list. Or I could admit I'll never be able to catch up tonight, cut my losses,  take my nighttime meds, curl up with a heating pad, and watch HIMYM with my husband. That would be legen- wait for it ... what was I saying? 


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