Beauty Feels Like

I just saw a commercial for a women's razor that asked "What does beauty feel like?" Apparently they think it feels like a smooth shave. Really?

It bothers me that my daughters might buy into any suggestion that true beauty means smooth legs or any particular way of presenting oneself. It bothers me more that my sons might get that idea. 

I think a bit differently.

Beauty feels like feeling comfortable in your skin; like knowing your strength; like confidence in your abilities.

Beauty feels like two bodies intertwined, lost in passion, connected completely by love, with no separation of self and other.

Beauty feels like that link to the closest of friends - that strong bond that cannot be broken and is only strengthened by adversity and truth. 

Beauty feels like a round pregnant belly, baby-within dancing and hiccuping.

Beauty feels like nurturing a babe at the breast; like holding your baby for the first time; like new life.

Beauty feels like unrestrained laughter, uninhibited joy. 

Beauty feels like love; like forgiveness; like unconditional acceptance; like peace of mind and heart and body.

Beauty feels like being true to yourself. 

Beauty feels like loving someone more than yourself; like putting others' needs before your own; like knowing when you need to put your needs first and doing just that without guilt. 

Beauty feels like loving yourself. 

Beauty feels like being lost in a moment; like being found in a perfect moment; like all that is good and right and holy and full of grace.

Beauty feels like love. Beauty feels like love. Beauty feels like love.


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