Camp Waitwhatreally

With vacations come vacation photos. Our weekend at Camp Calumet seemed to produce an overabundance of odd and wacky photos. 

Zack tipping


In shorts and a t-shirt
In a lake in New Hampshire
In October ... hence the winter hat

Fire conjurer

Just monkeying around

We own this game. 
They never play it. 
They played it several times at Camp. 
I don't understand. 

Golfing? At Camp Calumet? You bet!

It's a brick ...
It's mighty mighty. 

A hornet nest hat. Why not?

He (on right) has the right idea. 
She (on left) has lost her mind.

Too Tall John (on left)
Too Too Tall Alia (on right)

And last but not least, perhaps the scariest photo of the week. 


This creature was in the woods 
making strange noises as we hiked.

It snuck up on the hike leader 
and gave him a bit of a surprise. 

Its fangs were especially nasty. 

Perhaps at some point I'll get a chance to tell you more about our amazing adventures at Camp Calumet on Columbus Day Weekend...but for now, this will have to do. 


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