Strange Tidings We Bring you this Spring! 

Strange tidings, indeed. This first day of Spring ... blessed, long-awaited Spring ... has turned out to be an interesting one. 

Awakened at 2ish AM by what felt like a spider crawling on my hand, I bolted awake, only to discover that it was hair. My hair. A bunch of it. This after clearing the shower drain three times during my shower just hours before. Tossing and turning for hours, my hair tortured me, tickling my nose, itching my neck, invading my mouth. It seems Remicade has sent my hair fleeing from my scalp at an astonishing rate. 

Making my way to the bathroom in the morning with an handful of hair from my bed in tow, I was greeted by a bright orange plastic bag with a biohazard symbol on it. Ah, the joys of medical testing that requires the collection of twenty-four hours worth of pee. And so my day began.

"Good morning! Happy Spring! Oh, by the way, don't touch the big orange jug in the fridge - it has pee in it." Not quite the greeting my kids were expecting this morning, but they rolled with it. Stranger things have been said in this household.

And then I was off to the gluten-free bakery to pick up lasagna noodles for Easter dinner ... and treats for my family while I was there. Sipping coffee and picking hair off of it, and off of my muffin, I made my way to Target. Brushing a stray bunch of hair back into my tichel, I discover they're not attached to my scalp, so there's no putting them back in place. This is getting ridiculous. 

And so I go home. 



Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Or today, as it were. 

I now sit here, very much relieved of my hair on this cold, slightly snowy first day of Spring. As my husband shaved my head, he told me that I'm beautiful no matter how much hair I have, or don't have. The wonderful thing is that I know he means it. 

I'm still quite in shock at my lack of hair, but the kids are enjoying joking about it. Now to find something to keep my head warm...


  1. You are beautiful, and think of how nice it'll be come summer!


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