A Note from the Easter Bunny...

Blessed Easter! 

We woke up this morning to this note from the Easter Bunny:

I had a thought
As I was on my way
About why Easter is really
Resurrection Day
About whats really important,
About what Jesus said,
About his death on the cross,
And how he rose from the dead.
Chocolate and jelly beans
Are really yummy,
But what about putting food
In an empty tummy?
Or helping others
Learn about our Savior?
So now Im wondering
Can you do me a favor?
Can you use what I left
To help do some good
For those in need
in your neighborhood
and at your church?
That would be great!
Ive got to go
Im running late
But one last note
Before Im through:
Theres one treat each
For each of you!

We went out to the back yard to hunt for Easter eggs, and were greeted by three deer in the woods overlooking our house. After gathering eggs and putting together the clues, the children discovered a bounty of Easter gifts.

Food for the food bank and quarters for Calumet!

The kids each got a chocolate cross - except for Coren, who got Hanukkah gelt. Apparently "The EB," as he signed his note, couldn't find gluten-free/dairy-free chocolate crosses and found gelt an acceptable replacement. The EB is certainly a strange individual. Coren, pictured below, made his First Communion at Easter Vigil worship last night, so we have a little something extra to celebrate today! Blessed Easter! 


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