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One slightly used overtired four-year-old. While adorable most of the time, she did not sleep well last night and has been expressing herself in a very loud manner as of late. If you need to stay awake - or aggravate older children who are trying to watch a movie - she's for you! She comes with free bossiness and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. You'll be entertained for hours by spontaneous meltdowns due to someone walking the wrong way or putting their cup down a half inch too far to the left. Don't let the moments of cuteness as she sings to her fluffy bunny stuffed animal fool you, she's just as apt to pummel you with said stuffed animal should you at all disturb her concentration. Do not expect this tuckered out tyke to surrender to sleep. She will instead insist that should she fall asleep, a monster from her dreams will reach out through her mind and pull her still-beating heart from her chest while she sleeps and totally mess up her room with all that blood. If interested, please contact me at 1-800-GTFTS. 


  1. oh heck no!! I've got enough nuttiness here, but she sure is cute!!

  2. Dang, I practically recognize that description...! (especially the invocation of monsters "even if they are in their world")


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