The Productivity of Doing Nothing

Why is it that just when I have a ton of good ideas for better organizing my house and a little money to go toward the project, I hit a wall and just want to spend the day I have hibernating in bed with a good book or three? 

There's a lethal combination here: bed and books. The four inches of memory foam tries to hold me captive every morning when I attempt to regain consciousness and start my day. The books I'm reading, pictured below, suck me in and I don't want to put them down. These books not only tell a story, but open my mind to new ways of thinking, feeling and living. So even when I'm "not doing anything" - just lounging in bed all day - I AM doing something. In sharing these women's lives through their writing, I'm bettering myself ... at least I hope I am.

If I do end up hibernating for a day or three, I won't feel too bad, because in taking care of my self and growing as a person, I'm taking care of those around me in the long run. Besides, the more time I spend in bed, the more children pile in bed with me - and who can resist a pile of rannygahoots? 


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