Sitting amidst the chaos, a sleeping baby on the couch next to me, parents walking to and fro, children whirling all around, a wave of peace passes over me. My family is blessed to be part of this place.
There’s a rush of cold air as some teens hurry through the door, deep in conversation. One pauses to comment on the adorableness of the sleeping baby, another to help a young boy pick up some papers that he dropped. In one corner, kids are trading Pokemon cards, in another an eleven year old is teaching a fifteen year old about electromagnets, having made one just a couple hours ago. A girl sits and reads, first to one child, then to a few more who filter in – she includes them all in the viewing of the pictures and exploration of the story. Excitedly scattering when I announce classes are about to start, it’s obvious they love where they are and what they’re doing here.

It’s busy here today. The walls are being painted, teachers – some of them children – are teaching, students are learning, babies are nursing, knitters are knitting and parents are chatting. A horde of teens that passed me earlier returns in costume, apparently headed to dress rehearsal. Earlier two huge black dogs headed for the classroom at the end of the hall. A couple weeks ago, it was pigs.

There’s music, laughter, excited chatter, and occasionally, a moment or two of silence. The walls speak volumes: Hope, LOVE, Outreach, Peace, Respect, Be Yourself.

This is a place of learning, a place of growing, and a place of giving. Necklaces, made by Ugandan orphans, are for sale to help fund their orphanage. A box for food bank donations sits nearby. Enter any room here and you may encounter French, Latin, Science, Journalism, Photography, Theater, Literature, various forms of Art, Fiber Crafts, Creative Writing, Hooping , Animal or Nature Studies, and just plain having fun. If you stop by the local coffee shop in the morning, you might happen upon the Current Events class.

The magic of this place exists in the people, the positive environment and the possibilities. Everyone’s different, but everyone fits in. There’s something here for everyone, and there are new opportunities for learning and growth each season. It’s truly Epoch. 



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