In a photo taking mood, I decided today to post a  day in the life...

My husband left for work early today, so it was up to me to drag myself out of bed - which was not easy. I must have pressed the snooze four or five times, then finally took my thyroid med and launched myself out of bed. Promptly landing in the computer chair a few feet away, I caught up on emails and such in the early morning silence. Unbelievably, all my kids were still asleep.

Then it was time to get to work. Laundry, then dishes. 

Look who's awake!

And there are more of them! Time for breakfast for the kids.

And coffee for me!

Playtime begins when additional rannygahoots arrive.

 Sleepy baby goes down for a nap.
Time to make some Caribbean Black Bean Soup. 

And play.


And play.

Wait! Is that a zombie or a teenager who just rolled out of bed?

 And play.

 And play.

Then is lunch for the kids.

Then naptime. Aaaah, naptime.

And coffee #2 and Dr. Quinn for Mama

Then more dishes, general cleaning up, rearranging of the sharp kitchen knives, cleaning off of counters, setting up of new toaster oven, slinging baby, changing baby, feeding baby, rocking baby, answering questions, helping with assignments, admiring crafts, having kids take care of their household responsibilities...
 Now it's 3PM, kids are waking up from naps, and my husband just arrived home. We shall see what the rest of the day brings ... and if I'm up to it, I'll fill you in eventually. :) 


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