What a Pain!

You know you live with chronic pain when …
  • Your child asks you why your foot is bleeding and you discover you’ve stepped on a piece of glass – and you’d assumed it was just your PsA acting up.
  • You view “tramadol” as both a swear word and a blessing.
  • You get excited to test out your new wheels – which come in the form of a wheelchair.
  •  You find yourself lusting after items in the Fashionable Canes catalog.
  • The doctor asks you how much pain you’re in and you reply, “relative to what?”
  •  You see shaving your legs as a major accomplishment.
  •  Your 92 year old grandmother moves faster than you – and uses one cane to your two.
  • Getting out of bed counts as your exercise for the day.
  •  You have no idea how to answer when someone asks, "How are you?"
  •  You buy shoes based not only on comfort and support, but on the height of your wooden canes.
  •  You check the weather forecast to see how you might be feeling the next day.


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