2 X 3 = Scary

Minutes after having a discussion with the 3 year olds in my household about NOT TEASING:

Alia: "Fiora, can I have that back? You took it out of my hand!"

Fiora: "I want to play with it! Either I can play with it or I'll tease you with it and play with it."

Me (cooking dinner 10 feet away): "Fiora, do you want to think about that for a minute or shall I need to talk to you over here for a minute?"

Fiora: "Alia, I'm sorry for taking the scissors and for saying to tease you."

Alia: "I forgive you, Fiora. But if you do it again, I'll call you teasemonster. That's not teasing. It's calling names. Mama didn't tell us not to do that yet."

Me: "Alia, how about we just..."

Alia and Fiora, in harmony: "Leave each other alone and play nicely!"

Ah, the joys of 3-year-olds!


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