When will all people be looked at as fellow human beings instead of black, white, male, female, agender, transgender, gender fluid, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, atheist, Buddhist, gay, straight; fat, thin, rich, middle class, poor ... other ... as "those people"?

When will Christians practice what Jesus lived and taught - that the greatest Commandment is LOVE. Not pick and choose who you love. Not love if they are like you; if they believe what you believe;or if they treat you well ... love everyone.

When will hate be a word rarely used, not wielded without thought: I hate this song; I hate her hair; I hate this jacket; I hate myself; I hate anyone and anything that doesn't make me feel good?

When will people who disagree with our views be seen as someone with a different point of view rather than our enemy?

When will we stop judging others based on religion, skin color, who they choose to marry, worth, gender, wealth, ethnicity, appearance, and myriad other things and accept others differences as a part of life rather than a reason to hate?

When will people realize that love doesn't have anything to do with color, gender, ability, disability, genetics, or anything other than love...and that neither laws nor personal opinions should govern who one is allowed to love...or to marry...or to call family. 

We need a love revolution. We need to respond to hate with love. Always with love.


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