Why Couldn't It Be Follow The Butterflies

Ron Weasley: Why spiders? Why couldn't it be "follow the butterflies"?
After passing through a door labeled Platform 9 3/4, there is a sign ...

Following the butterfly streamer attached to the sign, you pass a plethora of sweets and an array of potions. 

You might stop for a Butterbeer before continuing on, eventually entering a room where a Sorting Hat is placed on your head and you are sorted into your House. You then receive your unique, handcrafted wand. 

More potions, including Amortentia and Felix Felicis, 

and sweets such as Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans 

and Chocolate Frogs await, along with goblets of sourly sweet lemonade and myriad snacks. 

You are in for a night of little sleep and lots of Harry Potter. 

There are surprises here

and there

throughout the house. 

At least that's what you would have experienced had you attended my daughter's Harry Potter Birthday Not-So-Much-Sleepover Party last night.  The epic midnight Spell Duel, involving spitfire sparklers, had to be cancelled due to weather, but other than that, the girls had lots of fun. Not a bad way to celebrate TWELVE!


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