Twelve is somehow so much older than Eleven. Eleven is still more a child ... Twelve is too close to Teenager. But today we have arrived at Twelve. Well, Haley, my Girl of Fiery Spirit, has. 

I love that she is still that Girl, yet has blossomed even more into herself and into a beautiful young woman. I don't think she'll ever loose her child-like spirit - I love that about her. She loves both the "grown up" role of taking care of small children, but also embraces the joy of playing with them at their level.  

As I glimpse the emotional teen years to come in Haley, I also see that she is well-grounded in faith and family, which should serve all of us all well as she navigates the treacherous waters of Teenager. She impresses me with her motivation to reach goals she sets for herself while dreaming big dreams. 

Twelve. And as Haley reminded me this morning with a sly smile on her face, a year until Thirteen - a year until we will have three teenagers in our household. Until then, I'll enjoy seeing Haley continue to grow and blossom into an even more wonderful young woman than she already is. 


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