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I can tell that Winter is getting to me by the number of things I discover about myself every day. Perhaps it's because I get overly philosophical on these seemingly neverending cold, gray days. Maybe it's because I spend too much time cooped up in a house with too many children. I could just be going crazy. Who knows...

Or perhaps it's because I spend much too much time on this thing called the internet. Just this week I found out that my career of choice should be Humanitarianism and that my parenting style is Free Ranger. I should apparently live in Hogsmeade and am Aberforth Dumbledore. Or, should I attend Hogwarts,  I would be in Ravenclaw and coincidentally would be Luna Lovegood. 

On Star Trek, I would be Bones; on TNG, either Troi or Beverly Crusher. I've got a Hobbit of a personality, and apparently in "real life" I should be living in Portland.  I am also Mahna Mahna. I'm a hippie, my 80's pop hit is "These Dreams" by Heart, and I am the film genre Fantasy. If I were food, I would be sushi; if I were a Pixar movie, I would be Brave. Depending on how badly my OCD is acting up, I'm either an INFP or INFJ personality type. 

Let's not forget that my superpower is healing; I identify most with Hestia - goddess of hearth and home; my color palette is sunset; and Cyndi Lauper is my inner pop diva. 

If not for the internet, I might never know who or what I am and where I belong. Either that or I need to find a good book to read. Or for Spring to hurry up already. 


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