Mad Hatter

We planned, we plotted, we shopped, cleaned, baked and constructed. We decorated, mulled, brewed, and decorated some more. Finally all was ready for a Mad Hatter Tea Party. 

'Twas no just any Mad Hatter Tea Party, but Alia's Mad Hatter Tea, in celebration of Six

First, she said, we'll need hats ... and things with which to decorate them. So Daddy cut and taped times fifteen, crafting magnificent white forms ready for embellishment. Mama scoured stores for duct tape, patterned and plain, and feathers and ribbon with which to adorn our fantastical creations. 

Then, food. Veggie straws and dried snap peas; cantaloupe and honeydew; tiny cherry pies, with one cherry per pie; mini muffins of lemony blueberry goodness or of the pumpkin chocolate chip variety; and blood oranges, just because they're cool.

And to drink - tea. Many varieties of tea - chai, peppermint, lavender, Earl Grey, lemon, peach ginger, chamomile - so many choices! And cider - mulled cider, for those who don't want tea. 

Tea cups - there must be tea cups galore. From thrift store to thrift store we dashed, collecting cups and mugs to suit the occasion. 

But what about party favors? Hats and teacups, of course!!!

Add balloons, streamers, and other decorations and it seems we've concocted a party. 

Add friends and family, hat crafting, 

food, food and more food, 

and then blow out the candles for a love-filled celebration bursting with creativity and fun. Happy Six, my Mad Hatter Girl! Thank you to all our friends who helped make this day special!


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