The Other Side

Not long ago Desolation ravaged my spirit and sapped strength from my soul. 

Today I laughed. Really laughed. Not just a smile or a giggle or a thought that something was amusing. I laughed.

That's huge.

There is no laughter in depression. At least not the kind that reaches your eyes and tugs your soul further into the land of the living. Only the kind so forced and fake that it grates your soul to fine dust.

I read a book today. An entire book. And not because I wanted to escape, but because I wanted to take time out for myself to do something that nourished my spirit. 

I got some cleaning done, too. Not the I've had it with this mess and I'll mutter not so nice words under my breath while I clean it up and harbor bad thoughts about those who made the mess in the first place kind of cleaning, but the ooh, look, this needs to be cleaned up and won't it look and feel so much better in here if I put in a little effort while listening to some awesome tunes kind of cleaning. 

That's progress.

I may just be on my way to The Other Side. To that place where Hope and Love and Light and Beauty live. The place where Life itself lives. Where sadness is a feeling, not a way of life.

It's a good place to be. I just hope I can stay.  


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