Abundance of Blessings

Every night, as a family, we share our highs and lows, we read and discuss a Bible verse, we say a prayer, and we bless each other before bed. It's a most sacred of rituals. It brings our family together physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We share the best and the worst of our experiences and our thoughts - without judgement, without interruption, with support and love. (Check out faith5.org and the book Holding Your Family Together by Rev. Dr. Rich Melheim - they are great starting points for this nightly ritual!)

Throughout the month of November, we've said what we're thankful for each night during prayer time, starting with A, and ending in Z on Thanksgiving night. We've learned that there is so much for which to be thankful...

I'm thankful for Alexander and Alia, who teach me so much about life. For beaches, especially the one at Camp Calumet, for which I'm also thankful. For Coren and cheesecake - both sweet; daydreaming and doctors; everlasting life and Evening Prayer; fireflies, family, and faith. For forgiveness. For Gramma, Gram, Grammy and GG; and for God's grace. For Haley, my husband, hikes, and the Holy Spirit. For imaginations run wild, jokes, Jesus, and kindness. For Love and Light and listening. For Maggie and Megan, and making a joyful noise... and for moments and memories. For nonsense, Nanna, Osspiee Lake and open arms. For Pop, Papa, prayers and purple; Quinn Street memories; and for Rachel, Renee, and Remicade. For Sammy. For serenity, safety, and sacred spaces; teachers, tearjerkers, and truth. For Tuesday Night Sunday School. For unusual requests, uplifting stories, and unexpected gifts. For voracious readers, voices raised in praise and thanksgiving, and vacations. For wisdom, wishes, wise women, and wool socks. For my x-chromosome, and the joys of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding it allowed me. For Yoda's wisdom and yoga poses. For Zachary, Zaphod Beeblebrox and my zany life. 

Somehow there don't seem to be enough letters in the alphabet to accurately describe just how thankful I am for every aspect of my life. Even on my worst days, I live in gratitude for life, for movement, for breath, for love, and for the One who pours out this abundance of blessings upon me. 


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