Stuck in traffic. Just where we all love to be. It used to really get to me. I used to get more upset than is reasonable at the prospect of being late - or being stuck sitting in a vehicle in ever-increasing pain not knowing when or how I would make it where I was going. 

One day, blood pressure rising, no longer distracted by NPR or VBS cds, I took a deep breath and looked up. I could look up, away from the road, because traffic was not moving. At all. Not an inch. What I saw took my breath away. 

Absolutely astounded by the beauty of the sky, the clouds, I just had to dig my camera out of my purse and take a picture. It was then that the beauty all around me began to change my experience. I was no longer stuck in traffic, I was gifted an opportunity to appreciate the show Mother Nature was putting on for me - for all of us under that sky at that moment. 

Several days later, my van was once again at a standstill. It was then that my five year old commented on the bird skeleton on the electrical wires. You read correctly - bird skeleton. If you take the time to really see them, they do look like bird skeletons - we must drive past hundreds of them a day without taking notice. 

Now my traffic experience is slightly different than it was before. Traffic-free travel has somehow become a bit disappointing. How many wonderous skies have gone unappreciated?

 How many interesting sights have gone unnoticed?

Snakes attacking a motorcycle - eeeeeek!
Say what?
How many rainbows or opportunities for prayer have faded to the background? 

Stuck in traffic - not such a bad place to be after all, if we just take a moment, take a deep breath, and look with wonder at our surroundings.

Life's like that, too. Too often when we're stuck in life, we get tunnel vision, seeing only the obstacles before us, and not the beauty and opportunity around us. We get upset over what we cannot control instead of enjoying what we can - our environment, our attitudes, a moment of peace. Isn't that what we hope and pray for all day long- just one moment of peace. Take it. It's right there on the highway waiting for you. 


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