The Girl Who Loves Worms

 Once upon a time there was a girl who loved worms. She would ride her bike or walk up and down the street saving worms from certain "dehydrification" on the hot pavement. This worm loving girl once crawled under a very large van to rescue a worm from certain death by flattening. She gathers her worm friends together and talks to them every day and tries to train them to come when she calls. Worms are her playmates, her friends. 

Then one day things changed. I'm not sure why they changed or how they changed, but changed they did. Her love of worms took a disturbing turn. 

I suggest you brace yourselves for what you are about to see. These aren't stunt worms, fake worms, or gummy worms. They are very real, very alive worms. And a girl. A strange, scary girl. Who loves worms. 

Ok, so she didn't really eat the worm. And she still takes very, very good care of worms. Apparently this is what happens when my kids are allowed to take the camera outside to take pictures of a frog. Let's just say I wasn't prepared for these photos when they popped up among very nice photos of a frog. Children need to prepare their mother for such things, especially when she's suffering from severe nausea. 


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