Love-Hate Relationship

AC and I have a love-hate relationship.

When I feel like I can barely breathe because everything including the air around me seems too heavy, AC is there to make it all better. When I'm having trouble sleeping, and the uncomfortable tossing and turning is driving me crazy, AC cools my temper and soothes me to sleep. AC also keeps me sane while running errands or on long car trips in van full of kids. 


AC is also rough on me. AC makes me feel worn out, lethargic, and is frankly a pain. AC's constant droning drives me crazy. AC cuts me off from the outside world, and sometimes makes me feel more stifled than a heat wave soaring over 100. We fight often. In fact, AC sometimes even drives a wedge between my husband and I. 

Things have got to change.

Summer needs to wind down and give way to Autumn, allowing cool air to waft through the windows, so we can banish AC to the basement for another eight or nine months. Then all will be well. 

That is, until Winter comes and along with it my constant issues with EH. But that's a love-hate relationship for another season. 


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