So Much for Sleeping In

This was the first morning in a long time that I had the chance to sleep in. I was so looking forward to an extra hour or two of sleep.

Enter two children, up much too early, excited about a visit from the Tooth Fairy during the night. Our Tooth Fairy is a sneaky one. S/he takes the child's tooth and then hides their prize. The Loser of the Tooth wanted to start looking, while Younger Sister knew that Mama and Daddy's alarm hadn't yet gone off, and tried to convince him to wait. The cranky arguing that ensued woke Mama, even earlier than she usually wakes. 

Banishing children to their room until the alarm sounded, I was able to at least have twenty more minutes of relative peace. My loving husband brought me a hot rice sock for my back soon after the alarm. Heaven. I nearly drifted back to sleep.

There's nothing like the words "bear across the street" to propel someone from almost asleep to mostly awake . My first reaction was to tell my husband to take a picture. When fully awake, I called animal control to alert them, and then gathered the kids so they could see the antics of the black bear tearing through garbage cans. The bear settled in on the concrete block in front of our house with his scavenged breakfast. We kept someone at the window to alert us in case a car arrived at the end of the street or our neighbors emerged from their houses so we could warn them. 

So much for sleeping in. 

The bear eventually made its way back into the woods behind our house. Since I was up, I opted for breakfast, meds, and curling up with a good book. 

Apparently I didn't make it too far into my book - I ended up having a nice morning nap instead. Perhaps all was not lost. 


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