Spoons...I Needs Them

It seems that my supply of spoons is dwindling. At this time last year, I had a good number of spoons when I started each day. When my flare started in February, half my spoons went down the drain. As the months have progressed, the number of spoons within my grasp on any given day has dramatically decreased. The cold weather has swallowed up yet more spoons, as my joints fight to stay warm enough to function. My recent celiac disease diagnosis and the changes going gluten-free in a gluten-lovers' household has brought on, not to mention Christmas preparations and Advent activities, has left me befuddled as to how I make it through some days without landing myself spoons debtor's prison.

But this is the month of hope. Hope that going gluten-free will improve my health. Hope that starting Enbrel (December 9) will slow the damage to my joints and free me of some PsA-related pain. Hope that the New Year will bring with it more spoons and a better quality of life. 

In the meantime, I will continue to ration my spoons as best as I can and enjoy my life to its fullest, including naps! 

(What are these spoons of which I speak? All hail Christine Miserandino of ButYouDon'tLookSick.com  http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory-written-by-christine-miserandino/ )


  1. Hoping doctors will prescribe that which you need most! God's blessings and I KNOW God will provide the necessary "spoons"!


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