Comfort and Joy

'Tis the season when my mind wanders to things I might purchase with any money I might receive as a Christmas gift. When I get past thoughts of paying bills and medical expenses, I let myself dream of lovely things. Things that will lift my spirit and feed my soul. Things that will bring me Comfort and Joy. The top things on my list?

- A nice, thick memory foam mattress topper 
- And THIS set of canes

Oh, and let's not forget the purple hair to go with the canes.

Along with completely unreasonable things like a hot tub, weekly massage and chiropractic adjustment, my very own bathroom with a huge handicapped accessible tub...and someone to deliver yummy gluten-free meals to me weekly. 

After mulling all this over, I realize that exactly what I want for Christmas is COMFORT and JOY. The Comfort of a good night's sleep... the comfort of relief from pain. And the Joy of wicked cool canes that don't kill my hands and totally rad hair to go with them. Who could ask for more?


  1. Hi there! From my own research and experience - you want a 4 inch memory foam topper. I even take mine, in a huge duffle bag, to Germany when we go. Bless your parents for putting 4 inches on the bed that we sleep in when we are in CT. It makes all the difference in the world to me as to whether or not I sleep. They gave me the book, The Princess and the Pea, because of my affliction and affection for memory foam! Carol

  2. It was sleeping in that bed during the aftermath of Alfred that convinced me I NEED one! Thanks, Carol!


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