Double Digits

There are certain birthdays that get to me. Ten is one of them. TEN whole years. Double digits, even. And that Coren has reached this milestone blows my mind. What happened to my chubby cheeked four year old? He's supposed to still be four, right? Or six. Definitely not ten. TEN. 10.

Ten finds Coren taller, more sure of himself, and bursting with creativity. His Minecraft creations blow my mind. His kindness and compassion inspire me. His continued need for mama snuggles is just plain awesome. He connects with people easily and has a wealth of knowledge in that decade old brain to share. 

Sometimes is difficult for me to remember that he's no longer six or seven. No longer little, really. Perhaps it's the adorableness he continues to embody. Maybe it's his verylongwords like canIwatchamovieinZachary'sroomifZacharysaysit'sOK, 
or his playful nature. Whatever it is, he makes it really difficult for me to fully absorb the fact that he is indeed OLD.

My Moondragon...
Ten wishes for your tenth birthday:

1. I wish you keep your kind heart always, and that it serves you well in life.
2. I wish for you to always be open to offering and receiving hugs - you give the best hugs ever!
3. I wish for you to follow your natural curiosity where it leads and learn a lot along the way.
4. I wish that you'll always embrace your uniqueness and not be defined by any labels.
5. I wish for you to continue telling me all the interesting things and ideas going on in your creative mind.
6. I wish that the world will be an accommodating place for you as you maneuver through life.
7. I wish that you'll always be as comfortable being yourself as you are now.
8. I wish you would give me some chocolate. I could really use some chocolate.
9. I wish that you would just accept that fact that although you are cute, you are also adorable. 
10. I wish you would stop growing up so fast, while at the same time I enjoy seeing you grow up and am curious to see who you will become. 

Happy TENth Birthday, Moondragon!


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