Aaron's Arms

I adore Aaron's Arms: Not Church as Usual. It is a Facebook group where we come together to talk about faith formation and disabilities. 
We are individuals and families who either work with or are caregivers to special needs children and adults. Together we invite, network, and seek out congregations who offer a sense of belonging in the life of the church, and is open to developing worship services, curricula, and outreach projects designed to create a gentle space for special needs people so they may be guided in their faith formation.  ~Aaron's Arms
We share articles and experiences, inspirations and frustrations. As a mom with two children on the autism spectrum and Tuesday Night Sunday School Planning Team member, it's refreshing to have a place to land when I have something, good or not so good, to share about my children and their unique needs or our unique cross-generation faith formation opportunity. 

Today, we were challenged by the page's fearless leader to post our Top Ten short-term goals for September. 

That got me thinking. I had no goals. Really. None. I'm in survival mode, apparently waiting for my body to decide to cooperate with the big plans I'd like to have. Except for TNSS and homeschool co-op, I haven't set personal or family goals in too long. 

That one simple request knocked me in the back of the head Gibbs style. It's time to look forward and set goals:

1. Work on decent sleep for all.2. Get caught up with scheduling doctor appointments for all.3. Prepare basement room for transformation into bedroom.4. Start packing for Camp Calumet Columbus Day Weekend.5. Tuesday Night Sunday School preparations!6. Batch cooking day with kids to stock freezer with easy meals for busy Autumn months.7. Have kids each set goals for Autumn learning.8. Learn to make professional puppets and otherwise prepare for teaching homeschool co-op classes.9. Attend Evening Prayer.10. Special one-on-one time for each child this month.

Wow. Not the goals I thought I might have, but those are what came to mind as I typed. Not too shabby. 


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