Rainbow Thoughts

I have so many thoughts running around in my head.

When it was announced that gay marriage was legalized by the Supreme Court of the United States, I nearly cried. And I got angry.

Angry because I knew I would be thrust into defending myself as a Christian who is pro-gay marriage ... who is pro-Love. Angry because this decision had to be made at all - that it had to be a fight for humans to have the right to marry other humans and receive the benefits of legal marriage. Sad that there are people in this world who somehow think that love has limits - that Jesus' love, God's love has exclusions. That there are people who don't understand that Love Your Neighbor means everyone, no matter what. And that people think that gay marriage has something to do with religion or politics or public opinion when, in fact, it has to do with basic human rights. It has to do with Constitutional rights. That's it. 

As a Mom, Aunt, Friend, Christian, and Human Being, this decision hit me hard. My friends and family members can marry whomever they want, legally. How wonderful! Time to celebrate! In this celebration, I thought of the weight some of the people I love have been carrying. At first, I thought how free they might feel, until I realized that this marriage thing is just the tip of the iceberg and there are so many more hurdles when it comes to giving basic human rights to LGBTQIA issues including employment, housing, and other areas of discrimination. 

When will we stop seeing differences and discriminating against groups of people because of these differences and start treating every human being the same? 


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