Seeing God

Seeing God in it all: a recent topic at Tuesday Night Sunday School. This was my contribution... 

The reality of my life is this: I live every moment of every day in pain. My legs don't work properly. My arms don't work properly. In fact. most of my body doesn't work properly. I'm exhausted. I never get enough sleep. My house is falling apart and I don't have money to fix it. I'd love to get a job, but my health is so unpredictable, I can't. It's even difficult to put food on the table some months. It seems like all of the things I love to do are being taken away from me. My health is getting worse. I endure test after test with no answers. Taken off the medication that keeps my body from attacking itself, I can only look forward to losing the ability to move every part of my body little by little. I live in pain and worry and anxiety over my future.


The reality of my life is this: I have been given an extraordinary gift. I wake up each morning. I breathe. I eat. I love, I laugh. I'm alive. God has blessed me with five wonderful children, a husband who loves me, parents who are amazingly loving and supportive, friends who are there when I need them, and a God who forgives my doubt and anger when they sometimes overrule my faith. I can walk. Not well, but I appreciate every step. I have fabulously decorated crutches and a quirky yet awesome wheelchair that help me not just get places, but live life to the fullest. I can talk ... sometimes having a difficult time finding the right words, or remembering my own children's names, but that makes for some hilarious and memorable moments. I can lend my Spirit-given talents to church, to our homeschooling community, and to other endeavors. I have a team of doctors working to figure out my medical issues and get me the treatment I need.  I live in gratitude for the opportunity to slow down, for God opening my eyes to focus on what's really important in life, and to enjoy every single moment I can. 

It is only through life's trials that I've come to truly appreciate and love life. I know that God is with me every step of my journey and has blessed me beyond measure.

When life isn't going well, take a step back and look for God. He may just show up in some surprising ways. 


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