Mister Adorable

I have a child who is absolutely adorable. He always has been. I have a feeling he always will be.

But he's just turned NINE and therefore he can no longer, not under any circumstances, be considered adorable. He admits to having been adorable when he was little, but most definitely not now. Cute, maybe. But NOT adorable. Not one little bit. So whatever you do, don't tell him that I said he's adorable, and definitely don't mention the title to this post.

He is smart, and funny, and has a memory like you wouldn't believe. He always makes sure to give hugs and kisses before bed, including giving me some to give Daddy when he gets home from work. He can be completely oblivious to the world around him at times, and at other times notices everything all at once. He has a kind heart and a gentle spirit. And he's adorable.

I'm sorry, Coren Ryu, but you are adorable.

You are charming, delightful, and inspire in everyone you meet a great affection for you. You just can't get around it. That's what you are. 

You are also sensitive. In life, some people might tell you that being sensitive is a bad thing. Don't listen to those people. Listen, instead, to your sensitivity. It will tell you a lot about life, about people, about relationships, and about yourself. Listen to the things about which you are sensitive and follow your heart. Don't mistake sensitive for not "grown up." Sometimes being a man means needing a hug or a good cry or laughing until you pass out. Don't let anyone ever tell you different. 

I'm so glad that you're you. I'm so happy that you are my son. You bring a smile to my heart every time I see your (adorable ... sorry, can't help it!) face. 


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