A Dose of Angry

I took my dose of angry not too long ago. The kids are starting to get super annoying, even though they aren't doing anything out of the ordinary. Random electronic noises are really grating my nerves and there's nothing good to read, to listen to, or to watch. Suddenly there's something wrong with everything and everyone. 

It doesn't help that my pain levels are through the roof, even though the angry is supposed to be helping get rid of what's supposedly causing the pain. It's frustrating that the angry makes me want to do ALL THE THINGS, but my body does not want me to do any of the things thankyouverymuch. 

My children have been warned, and my husband knows the drill. Once I'm on mass doses of angry, I'm a ticking time bomb if I don't keep myself in check. The littlest thing can set me off. And yet I willingly subject myself to angry just so I can function - and this time, in addition, for diagnostic purposes. 

The angry is supposed to be helping, so why isn't it? Because inflammation isn't the thing that's causing the pain and the numbness and the tingling and the pain. Yes, I realize I said pain twice. It's a lot of pain. Which is bad news. But good in that once it's determined that the angry was all for nothing, I can move forward with testing and hopefully some sort of treatment or solution for the pain. 

Prednisone is a necessary evil, but I'm sure my family would be much happier if it caused bouts of extreme joy rather than angry. 


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