My View From Here

If there's one thing psoriatic arthritis (and his buddy ankylosing spondylitis) has given me, it's a new point of view. Actually, several points of view.

There's the view from my bed, where I happen to spend a lot of time. Not only is my bed my bed, but it's located in our living room and acts as our couch during the day. Over the weekend I was quite ill, and had sick children as well, and found myself in the same place, my bed, for hours on end. Snuggling. Cuddling. Enjoying my view from here.

I can see works of art created by my children, odd things carved by a relative of my husband many years ago, art I created, as well as paintings done by my husband's great-grandmother, among many other objects of art, beauty, and whimsy. I can also see the dusting that needs to be done, but that will get done eventually. 

And then there's the view from my back door. The snow is melting. Trees are budding. Skulls are emerging. Sometimes the sun even peeks out. On days my legs aren't up to taking me very far, I can at least step out my back door and see some beautiful, and somewhat unique, sights.

The view from my window isn't too bad, either. My new obsession is taking photos of the moon...

Some may be surprised that I don't mind the view from my wheelchair at all. A recent necessity on a trip to the Science Center, my kids got to enjoy plenty of time to explore three floors of exhibits and I didn't feel wiped out and in pain in the first ten minutes, as would have happened had I not brought Ziggy along for the ride. 

Living with Psoriatic Arthritis and friends can be a challenge, but the view from here can be amazing. 

A Moondragon hitching a ride on the back of my wheelchair


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