Eight kids our smallish house were going stir crazy. 
Rainy days tend to do that to children. 

Outside we went, in puddle boots, crocs, or whatever footwear we didn't mind getting wet.
Two older children went for a walk in the rain. The six and under crowd went on a mission to find the "best jumping puddles ever!" 

Unfortunately Miss M wasn't having any fun. Nope. Not a bit. Don't let that look of sheer joy fool you. (My apologies to her parents for her soaking wet sandals - but she was having such a good time!)

Suddenly, a discovery was made. The sounds of splashing erupted from a nearby driveway. There they were- 

The Best Jumping Puddles Ever!!!

All jumped out, the children retreated to the house to warm up in a bubble bath, faces beaming from the pure fun of rain play. The tomatoes in the garden appreciated the rain as well. 

What a refreshing experience it is to play in the rain! 


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