There is a point in a mainstage production that everything comes together and a transformation takes place. No longer is there a set and a bunch of actors, but a new world and its inhabitants. 

This metamorphosis took place this week at Epoch Arts, as Beautiful Things blossomed into its own being. 

This chaotic band of teenagers loved... and loved to hate ... their characters, memorized lines, blocked and reblocked, rehearsed, and rehearsed, and rehearsed, and finally they own their characters, their parts, this world they created. 

Seeing their actions, interactions, and reactions this week as compared to just a week ago amazes those of us who have witnessed this process from its genesis.

Elizabeth Namen's inspired work is brought to life by these teens who have so much more going on in their lives, but devote great amounts of time, especially this tech week, to create something amazing, earth-shaking, and extraordinarily important. (And also hilarious, tear-inducing, and thought-provoking.)

I am truly blessed to have been a part of this beautiful thing ... from cooking for the cast, to some costume and prop design and fabrication, to spending a great deal of time with lots of inspiring people.

To each and every cast and crew member ... you make BEAUTIFUL THINGS!


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