Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Conversations I have with people are....interesting.

For example: 

Me: Ugh. Can't keep anything straight. Need pain meds. Though I'm not sure if the pain meds will make it better or worse! LOL And I still need to get to Target. Hrmph. Sometimes I don't feel like adulting.


My cousin posted this the other day. I can so relate, though I know you meant it on a pain level instead of maturity, which I can relate to even more!

Me: Pain level, maturity - both!!! I so just want to throw a fit and stomp my feet and throw myself dramatically onto my bed. But it would hurt too much! 

And then there are the conversations I have with my children. 

Children: Minecraft mumbojumbo blah blah blah Magic the Gathering gobbeldygook.

Me: What is this language which you are speaking? Nothing you say makes any sense to me. It's like I've been transported to another planet or something. 


Child: Can I do math? 

Me: No, you may not do math. We need to do other things. Like watch a movie or something. It's too late for math.


Child: When are we going to sleep?

Daddy: Next Thursday.

Mama: After you see the lunar eclipse.

Child: I pick next Thursday.

And the conversations with my husband:Me: "My back hurts."

Husband: "Is there anything I can do to help?"
Me: "Make it go away."
Husband: "I can't. Then you'd only have a front and that would be weird." 

Then there are random things I hear throughout the day...

"I only died once while carving my jack o' lantern."

"My high today was exploding pigs."

"Alia, it's my turn to play on the computer! Stop giving people cake!"

Conversations with friends and family definitely aren't normal, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Monday, October 19, 2015

On Fire

The trees and the sky were on fire. It was our first morning at Camp Calumet in Freedom, New Hampshire and the views from the shore of Ossipee Lake couldn't be more spectacular. Siting on the beach, serenity warmed me in the cold October morning air. Children expressed their eagerness to go to breakfast as I found it increasingly difficult to pry myself away from the beauty God was blessing us all with that morning.

It was a weekend full of fun, good food, pumpkin carving, apple cider making, crafting, playing games, hiking, and all the other usual activities. We met great people and reconnected with friends from prior years. 

The lake holds my fondest memories of the trip. As the long weekend wore on, the trees were increasingly ablaze with color. Just the sight alone captivated me. I had some wonderful conversations with my children on the beach and was blessed to really connect with my oldest child, which isn't always easy. 

The pontoon boat ride sparked great conversations and inspiring views, even if my ten year old companion huddled under my sweatshirt the entire time to avoid wind in his face. 

One last beach sunset greeted us in blues and pinks as we eagerly awaited the closing campfire. Just to sit in the stillness of the evening, awash in sky blue pink, was worth the entire trip. 

Sounds of small waves lapping the shore soon gave way to songs and stories. The fire danced as children and families performed skits. We shared faith and fellowship, God's light shining through us as the campfire reflected on our faces.

Perhaps the most precious of memories dawned early on our last morning when three of my children and I ventured to the beach, one still in her footie pajamas (and flip-flops!) shortly after six o'clock. The misty mirror lake invited us to venture out in kayaks for an early morning paddle. After quiet conversation, laughter, and quite a few comments about how cold but beautiful it was, we fell into a few moments of silence. 

My thoughts drifted among the accumulated memories from the weekend, some good, some no so much. My frustrations over the effects of my body's limitations on my expectations for the weekend floated away, and love and laughter are what bubbled to the surface of my mind as we paddled back toward shore. 

As our final morning came to an end, my soul was on fire with renewed zest for life, balanced with a deeper sense of peace within myself. As the weather gets colder and life presents more challenges, the memories held within this trip will inspire and comfort me.