Back to School

If I'm to be honest, I have to say that I'm SO EXCITED that it's time for children to go back to school. We had fun buying back to school clothes for eight children - through donations and for the New Beginnings program at our church that works with Social Services to provide brand new school clothes to help children get a good start to their school year. We joke that should we buy back to school clothes, they'd most likely be pajamas.

You see, when children go back to school, homeschoolers tend to rejoice at the fact that museums and science centers, movie theaters, beaches and other points of interest are relatively empty on weekdays compared to peak Summer months. For homeschool parents like myself who tend toward introversion and dislike large crowds, this is a huge blessing. For homeschool kids with sensory issues, this is amazing.

In peak months, museum and science center staff are usually very busy attending to myriad visitors. It's in the quieter months that my children have the opportunity to ask multiple questions, sometimes getting into deep discussions with experts in things they find interesting. 

Back to school time is also get ready for homeschool co-op time for my family. My kids are disappointed to have another month to wait until co-op starts. Epoch Arts Homeschool Co-op is a place where they can be themselves, where their differences are celebrated, and where creativity abounds. Two of my children will be teaching as well as learning there.

We love back to school!


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